[pdf] [7,347 KB] D.1.2 The Endless Runway background

In this document, existing work on circular runways is reviewed: previous theoretical work is analyzed, and live trials of circular runway are mentioned. Design elements and figures on conventional runways are given; current regulations and aircraft physical considerations are identified. Future aspects of airport, aircraft and ATM developments are addressed and the relevance to the endless runway outlined. Other alternatives to the straight runway are presented.

[pdf] [2,848 KB] D.1.3 Concept Description

This document contains the high level operational concept for operating the Endless Runway. A number of design elements will be defined, based on the division in airport design, aircraft characteristics, and ATM procedures. Each of the elements will be worked out in detail in a number of requirements, which all will be further analysed.

[pdf] [8,119 KB] D.2.2 Airport Infrastructure

This document contains the airport infrastructure of the Endless Runway. The work is divided into three tasks: T2.1 = General Layout , T2.2 = Apron and Terminal and T2.3 = Taxiway and runway arrangement. Two scenarios will be analyzed: a seasonal non-hub airport and a large non-seasonal hub airport with a strong home carrier that operates mostly large aircraft. This document will describe the organisation of the work package and provide inputs to the required documentation.

[pdf] [2,819 KB] D.3.2 Aircraft Aspects

This document details the studies that have been made in order to identify the most promising runway cross-section and to design a future aircraft concept tailored for operations on a circular runway.

[pdf] [2,284 KB] D.4.2 ATM Concept

This document contains the detailed operational ATM concept for operating the Endless Runway. TMA, runway and ground operations are described and some alternative approaches for different operational conditions are presented.

[pdf] [3,334 KB] D.4.3 Simulation Modelling and Analyses

This document contains the description of the ATM simulations that have been carried out for the Endless Runway project. It includes the scenarios that have been modelled, the simulation tools and their adaptation to the circular runway shape, and finally the simulations results and analyses.

[pdf] [2,381 KB] D.5.2 Assessment of the Endless Runway

This document contains the assessment of the Endless Runway, based on the work performed in the project. The assessment consists of an environmental impact study, a cost benefit analysis, an airport footprint calculation with comparison to existing large airports and a general assessment with respect to different operational criteria of the idea of the circular runway.

[pdf] [1,137 KB] D.5.3 Transition from today to the future

This document describes different aspects concerned with the transition from today’s straight runways to airports operating an Endless Runway. Aspects considered are the location of the airport, technological developments, regulations and certification, the shape of the runway and the possibility to allow free flight operations in the TMA.

[pdf] [4,106 KB] D.5.4 Final Report

This document is the final report of the project „the Endless Runway“, an FP7 L0 project for the European Commission. The project covers the period of June 2012 to January 2014. This report will provide a publishable summery of the project and will give the main achievements of the project. The template for final reports from EC has been followed. This document follows the guidelines for producing a final report for EC.

[pdf] [1,451 KB] Flyer